Latest Update-Coronavirus

16th March 19.30. I am sorry to say that given the latest Government advice I have no choice but to cancel all classes until Easter and maybe longer depending on any future advice or developments.

I heard today that the Emsworth Arts Trail 2020 is also cancelled for this year.

It is absolutely a priority that everyone does what they need to do to stay safe but needless to say, I am devastated by all of this, it has been a pretty tough year so far. I will however be looking at ways of keeping you all drawing or researching during this difficult time. We may well need it for our sanity. I will be at Emsworth tomorrow morning to discuss options and do some drawing if anyone feels they can make it.

I will post regular updates here over the coming days and weeks, so please keep checking back. In the meantime, I’m going to miss you all and please look after yourselves.

16th March 10am-I will be running all classes this week for those who would like to attend. If the situation changes, I will post updates here so please keep an eye out!

I’m looking at other options for keeping you all in touch with each other and tuition. I will let you know what I’m thinking/planning soon. Once I’ve worked out the technical aspects!! A bit of a challenge!

In the meantime, keep well and safe.