Summer Drawing Events.

Well haven’t we been lucky with the weather this year? Lets hope the sunshine continues so we can all enjoy getting out and about with our sketch books!

I have organised 3 summer workshop events on location.  Check out the Whats On page here

Also I will be hosting the following event.

Summer Picnic Event.

Staunton Country Park. 

Saturday 1st September.  12pm-3pm

All welcome sketchers and non-sketchers. 


Bring along a picnic, something to sit on and your art materials.

There will be plenty of opportunities for some drawing. 

There will also be two life drawing sessions throughout the afternoon (12.30pm and 2pm)

I have arranged for figures in costume to be present! 

Meet at the entrance to the park.

Parking is available opposite please note this is NOT a free car park.

Let me know if you would like to attend and number of guest/s.

Sketching at Stansted House 7-1-2018

What a wonderful time we had at Stansted House on Sunday morning and yes the time flew by yet again!

Thank you to Fiona and Daniel for organising these events and giving us the opportunity to draw/sketch/paint in such a lovely rich environment. 

This time we were shown around the ‘downstairs’ rooms and the only difficulties being what to draw and not getting too distracted!  I ended up in the Still room where in the corner stood a wooden clothes horse with beautiful, delicate little cotton dresses and a pair of lace trimmed bloomers hung over the top. The images are copies of my drawing for the morning.


There was a great atmosphere and looking round people seemed really inspired by the surroundings.  Drawing takes practise and these opportunities give artists a chance to do just that but not just that they offer the chance to share and talk about their experiences, to learn from each other.

If you haven’t already, give it a go, I’d thoroughly recommend it.

Details can be found on the Standsted House website at


Sketching at Stansted House

Last month a group of us went along to Standsted House for the monthly sketching event they are offering at the moment.  I think I can safely say we all had a thoroughly enjoyable morning. 


The next event takes place this Sunday 7th January 10am-1pm.  Information including details on how to book can be found at 


If you fancy getting in some drawing practice, in a beautiful setting, exclusively opened for those attending the event, I’d really recommend it.  The time flys by!


Hello everyone!

Welcome to my brand new website. It’s my attempt to bring all the things I do, plus a bit extra all under one roof, so to speak!

I’ve promised myself I’ll add something new each day for the next week, so come back and check up on me. It’s a bit of a challenge as I’m trying to learn how this ‘creating a website’ stuff works at the same time!

I’ll be adding some images soon, (fingers crossed if I can work that bit out), which will liven things up a bit.

The plan is to keep you all informed and up to date with whats going on in the Jane Fox world of art and genealogy.

There is some exciting stuff coming soon too!!