Obvious by now, but my name is Jane fox.  I am an artist, craftsperson and genealogist.

Yes I know its a mixture.  Let me tell you how it all came about.

I was lucky, I had the opportunity to study art at university while bringing up the children.  Both kept me on my toes!

After 5, wonderful enlightening, exciting, enriching and at times challenging years, I graduated with a degree in Fine Art.  I went on to study for an MA in Fibre Arts at Winchester College of Art because I wanted to extend my practice and experience by exploring ideas and experimenting with different materials and techniques.

I focus mainly on drawing now but continue to experiment.

I’ve always knitted, crochet came a bit later and over the years have had the opportunity to learn so many wonderful crafts.  I worked a lot with paper during my degree, making, casting pulp, folding, sewing and bookmaking.

I love research, exploring and learning new things so when I finished my MA I decided to study for an MSc in Genealogy. I know, a strange move you might think! I’d been researching my own family history for a good couple of years and found it fascinating. I still do!

If I have a speciality in genealogy it’s problem solving, the lives of Women and London.

I now work freelance researching, creating, tutoring and talking to anyone who might fancy listening!