Drawing takes practice, it’s like learning a musical instrument.  You wouldn’t expect to sit at a piano, having never played before and expect to sound like a concert pianist!

It’s important to learn to enjoy the process and not worry about the results.  If we have an image in mind of what we want or think our drawing should look like, sadly failure is almost inevitable.

It’s frequently remarked upon that ‘it’s knowing when to stop!’  That’s true but how do we know where the stopping line is if we don’t go over the edge a few times. It takes a brave artist to keep working on a drawing that they consider good.  Ultimately by continuing to work at it, pressing that boundary could mean a good drawing ends up overworked and ruined or equally, transforming and lifting a good drawing into something special.

The excercises I have put together enable practice, experimentation in both medium and subject, guiding and encouraging you to explore and focus on the drawing process and not concern yourself with the results.

Above all learn to enjoy and have fun. Allow yourself to play, to be a child again!

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Exercise – Warming Up!

Exercise – Mark Making 1

Exercise – Mark Making 2