Spring is here!

A selection of wonderful drawings this week, embracing the theme of Spring. Well done. Hope you’re all enjoying the sun.

Tree Drawings

A fantastic selection of tree based drawings this week. Apologies if your picture has been cropped, that wasn’t me but the computer and haven’t worked out yet how to tell it not too. These things have a mind of their own somethings!

The sun is now shining and it’s warming up. A perfect week to be drawing spring!


A few pictures taken whilst out on daily walk around the local park.

Note the different shapes and the direction of branch growth. Happy drawing! Have fun!

I look forward to seeing your drawings.


Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and for your support. It has really lifted my spirits. Your drawings continue to appear in my inbox and it’s such a treat. I thought i would share some of those that have come in so far. Keep it going you’re all doing so well.

Hasn’t the weather been great this week? Lots of beautiful blue sky, although no clouds! I almost have my marquee up and ready to use, pictures to follow. This is my Jeremy Gardiner inspired studio space and can’t wait to start using it, it’s right next to the chickens, I hope they appreciate the invasion!

Week One: Skies

Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

I am pleased to say that your first remote drawing session is on it’s way into your inbox with a link to my very new YouTube channel. It has certainly been a busy week, with lots of hair tearing whilst trying to get to grips with some of this tech! So please bear with me as there are things I still need to get my head around. I may also need to adjust the way I do things as I learn more.

In the meantime have a good week drawing. Have fun!

Experimentations in Drawing-Continues……

Planning with Betty!

I hope everyone is keeping well at this extraordinarily difficult time.  Thank you for your lovely messages of support.

Although we have had to cease face to face classes it seems even more important to keep connected and continue to draw.  Since I last saw you I have been working hard on ways in which we can do just that. 

In the short term, over the next 3 weeks I will be continuing the course remotely. Sending out weekly exercises, carrying on the landscape theme. Each is based on the format I use in class but straight to your home.

You will receive these via email every Tuesday and will feature as follows:

Week 1: Skies (24th March)

Week 2: Trees (31st March)

Week 3: Spring (7th April)

In doing these it not only keeps our creativity flowing, keeps us drawing and in touch but also preserve our sanity in this mad time.

There are plans for something new after Easter which Iā€™m excited to put together and details will follow very soon.