Changes Ahead!

I’ve been extremely busy, the result being that i’ve neglected certain things and of course these have been the bit’s I’m not very good at! Updating website and social media are top of that list!

In the coming months things are changing and part of this will be a need to review and revise what i do and how I do it!

Exciting, but also a bit daunting!

New Student Gallery

I have been overwhelmed by the amount and quality of the drawings I have recieved. In this difficult time, each with our own challenges, drawing and being creative has certainly kept me sane. I have therefore created a new page to share student work, so they can see they are not alone. Brilliant work.



Using another Turkish Map Folded book, I sat in the wonderful sunshine and quickly sketched the chickens. Ethel, Maureen and Elsie. Good practise for capturing your subject quickly because they really don’t stay still!! This took me no more than a few minutes to fill.

Welcome to the summer term 2020

Today see’s the start of the summer term. Exciting! 10 weeks of experimenting with drawing, getting creative and having fun!

Yes, it’s going to be very different, but no less exciting. There will be a lot more content, but you can give as much time as you wish, there is no obligation to do everything.

If you haven’t signed up and would like to, no problem, get in touch.

A watercolour by Edward and a lovely conclusion to our 3 weeks of Skies, Tree’s and Spring.

Well done to everyone it has been a delight and I am looking forward to the next 10 weeks.

The Summer term officially starts next week, if you haven’t signed up and would like to it’s not too late. Just get in touch. Here’s to a creative lockdown! Art in isolation!