Jane Fox Genealogy

Death Records-Bringing your ancestors to life.

Records relating to an ancestor’s death are often discarded initially when we begin to research our family history in this talk I will illustrate and discuss how the various records produced in relation to someone’s death can tell us a great deal about an ancestor’s life and add ‘flesh to the bones’ of your own research.

Female Inebriates in Victorian England

According to the 1891 census return the residents of 99 Southam Street, Kensington, London where a group of 9 women inmates for a home for inebriate women.  Having studied this address and these women at length this talk discusses the life and history of the female inebriate in Victorian Britain.

Women War Artists of the Great War.

There were many male artists, professional and amateur recording the experience of war, but only a handful of women. This talk discusses the role art played in documenting the Great War and how the work of women fits in. Examples of work by both gender will be discussed.

The Sketch Book’s of Joanna Hilary Bonham-Carter.

Joanna lived in Buriton with her family for 10years during the 1840’s.  During this time, she walked and sketched parts of the surrounding South Downs. This is a current project, where I am researching her life in Buriton, analysing her original drawings and attempting to establish the location of as many of her drawings as possible.  The second phase of this project is to recreate/redraw the scene as it is today.

Love Letters and the Crimea.

A case study which researched the individuals and circumstances surrounding letters found in a private family archive.

Frank Norman Fox

A case study in tracing and interpreting records relating to those who serviced in the Army during WW1. Documents discussed are those which relate to the awards of Medals, Service records, War diaries, Memorials, POW’s, Newspapers.  I will discuss what information we can hope to find and importantly how to go about locating these all important records.

Portraiture and Genealogy.

How resources and archives normally associated with art can be of interest to the family historian. (MSc Thesis) Includes case study of John Collier, a renowned portrait artist of the 19th/20th century.

Tracing your London Ancestors.

An illustrated talk on how to go about researching those ancestors who at one time or another are found in the capital.

Don’t believe everything you’re told!  (Problem solving and how we can get over the ‘brick walls’)

What type of problems can occur, why they may occur and how we can get over them?

I discuss the many false leads we can be given from the common documents relating to vital events in our ancestor’s lives.  I try to get researchers to appreciate how errors come to be made and how we can get over some of those ‘brick walls’.

Documenting your family history Or ‘How to get all your stuff organised!’

I discuss the basic principles and importance of good record keeping. Looking at the different ways of documenting. organising and presenting your findings. I will discuss sources types, primary, secondary, questionable!  Why should we record our sources, what is a reference, citation etc?

Dating Old Photographs – A short talk followed by a workshop activity.

If there is any topic you think your group would be particularly interested in I am happy to consider putting a talk/workshop together.

Duration of talk will be approximately 40-50mins plus extra time for Q&A

Cost is between £50-£70 dependent on location.

All equipment provided EXCEPT a screen or something to project onto.

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