Drawing Challenge

If you struggle with deciding what to draw or lack of inspiration, why not try the drawing challenge. You can dip in every now and then or set yourself a challenge, a drawing a day for a week or even a month!

Use the prompts below as your starting pointing.  The rest is up to you, medium, technique, size,  interpretation, there are no restrictions.

  1. Something red.
  2. A favourite thing.
  3. Lunch.
  4. Something you were given as a present.
  5. A weed.
  6. Something soft.
  7. View from a window.
  8. Morning coffee.
  9. Something yellow.
  10. Inspired by a work of fiction.
  11. Something shiny.
  12. A flower.
  13. Something in aisle 10 of the supermarket.
  14. Favorite meal.
  15. Something green.
  16. Take a walk.
  17. Your feet.
  18. A chair.
  19. Pattern.
  20. Look in the mirror.
  21. It’s cold outside!
  22. A photograph.
  23. Favorite book as a child.
  24. A toy.
  25. Afternoon tea.
  26. Something blue.
  27. Architectural detail.
  28. Family history.
  29. Holiday destination.
  30. A tree
  31. Someone you love.

Enjoy, have fun and hope to see some of your inspired drawings. 

I’ll tell you how you can share them if you want to very soon.